Happy petalz’—the name itself evokes a feel of happiness , freshness of lush greenery dotted with fresh flowers. What can a person who love earth and environment do but other than creating a brand and dedicate it to nature itself ! Sajna Sudhirkumar ,hailing from Malabar district was born and brought up in Coimbatore . She had her graduation in Biochemistry,though she enjoyed teaching art and craft for the pre-schoolers –the best combination for this lover of arts and of children , the business genes in her made her restless until she found her way into something she loved. Thus Happy petalz was formed –‘packing bits of nature’ into homes– indoor plants and potteries .She is doing her service through online, her services include selling indoor plants , beautiful cute pots and accessories in a right fit budget , and also she has incorporated– indoor plant gifting solutions, and consultations for home décor too She has also launched a new product, Dharbha mat –a mat made by using –dharbha/kusha–a herb/grass known since the Vedic ages for its healing and purifying qualities. Dharbha/kusha grass is the best recommended seat for yogic and meditative practises since ages.

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