Shift time over, please go home: Indore-based company shuts desktop after office hours; the LinkedIn post is viral

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Working women have to maintain a Work-Life balance. Work-life balance means to maintain a balance between career life and personal life. Some of the reasons for the poor work life balance is increased responsibilities at work, long working hours, increased responsibilities at home HR Tanvi Khandelwal, who works at SoftGrid Computers, posted a picture of the warning asking employees to go home as their shift time was over. A company located in Indore is winning praise for encouraging its personnel to log off on time and make use of their holidays at a time when the majority of businesses require their workers to work nonstop. A post on LinkedIn shared by Indore-based SoftGrid Computers HR Tanvi Khandelwal has gone viral on social media. In a recent post on LinkedIn, Tanvi Khandelwal shared her positive experience of working at SoftGrid Computers. The company will almost certainly make the list of ” best places to work” and receive awards and accolades.

In particular, the company has installed a reminder that locks employee desktops after hours and issues a warning. Khandelwal expressed her excitement about the company’s culture, noting that employees don’t need any special motivation to enjoy their workdays.

She has also posted a picture of her computer screen, which have certain texts displayed? The following are the warning texts displayed on the computer screen:
“Your Shift Time Is Over”
” The office system will shut down in 10 minutes”

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