Suman Sachdev: SheSight Explores a Teacher’s Journey into Astrology

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In the ongoing journey through the She Writer series, SheSight is thrilled to present the captivating story of Suman Sachdev, a naturopathy doctor and an extraordinary figure in the realm of astrology. Suman’s path is truly inspiring: from a background in education to a respected astrologer, she made a remarkable transition at the age of 42.

Can you share the pivotal moment that led to your transition from teaching to pursuing a career in astrology?

Suman: Absolutely. Switching from teaching to astrology wasn’t a sudden move for me. It was more like a gradual journey fueled by curiosity and destiny. As a teacher, I faced challenges, but one day, a colleague gave me a book on astrology, sparking something inside me. It felt like discovering a hidden treasure trove of life’s answers. The big moment came on my father’s birthday in 2002 when I decided to fully embrace astrology as my new path. It wasn’t easy, but it felt like finding my true calling. Since then, every day has been an adventure, guiding people through life’s ups and downs using the wisdom of the stars.

How did your background in education contribute to your journey into astrology?

Suman:  My educational background, especially learning about Indian philosophy, really shaped how I see astrology. It gave me a strong base to explore astrology’s deeper meanings and connect it with philosophical ideas. This knowledge helps me understand astrological charts better.

Could you tell us about any formal training or experiences that prepared you for your role as an astrologer?

Suman: Certainly! I got my formal training from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. This gave me all the knowledge and skills I needed to be a professional astrologer. I also went through official training at a well-known institution, where I learned how to analyze charts and give astrological advice. My experience as a teacher was also super helpful. It helped me get better at talking to people and explaining things clearly, which is really important in astrology consultations.

What were the most rewarding aspects of your journey as an astrologer?

Suman: The best part of my journey as an astrologer is seeing how my advice helps my clients. It feels great to give them clarity, direction, and practical solutions to their problems. When they succeed and find peace through astrology, it makes me really happy and keeps me loving what I do.

How do you handle clients who may have skepticism or fear about astrology?

Suman:  When I work with clients who are skeptical or fearful about astrology, I approach them with empathy and understanding. I take the time to address their concerns and explain how astrology can be helpful in practical ways. By focusing on the real benefits it can offer, I aim to ease their doubts and fears and build trust in the process.

How do you balance your personal and professional life as an astrologer?

Suman: Keeping a balance between my personal and professional life as an astrologer is super important for me. As a single woman, and since I don’t have a family to look after, I’ve got some flexibility with my time. I make sure to set clear limits, take regular breaks, and do things that help me relax. This way, I stay refreshed and can give my best both at work and in my personal life.

What advice would you give to individuals considering a career in astrology?

Suman: If you’re thinking about a career in astrology, here’s my advice: Dive into it with a real love for learning and supporting others. Get trained properly from good places to really understand it well. See astrology as a guiding tool that’s rich in tradition and wisdom, and make sure you always do things ethically. Keep learning, stay open-minded, and keep getting better at what you do.

How do you think societal attitudes towards astrology have evolved over the years?

Suman: Over the years, people’s views on astrology have changed a lot. Now, more folks are open to it and see its benefits for understanding themselves and their lives better. Even though some still have doubts, more research and personal experiences are showing that astrology can be helpful. So, I think society will keep becoming more accepting of it as time goes on.

Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had while consulting with a client?

Suman: I once had a client who wasn’t sure about astrology at first. They came to me during a tough time and were a bit skeptical. But as we talked and I shared insights from astrology, they started to see how it could help them. Eventually, they began to trust the guidance and even appreciated it. It was amazing to see how astrology helped them find clarity and confidence. It showed me how powerful astrology can be in guiding people through life’s challenges.

In wrapping up, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to Suman Sachdev. Suman, your journey from teaching to astrology is truly inspiring, demonstrating the power of pursuing our passions. Thank you for generously sharing your experiences and wisdom with us.

Your words have inspired and helped countless individuals find clarity and purpose in their lives on their own journeys of self-discovery. We are sincerely grateful for the opportunity to share your insights with our readers. We eagerly look forward to seeing more of your insightful contributions and the impact they will have on others in the future.

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