Women hold the position of Goddess. They were believed to be a form of Durga, Laxmi, and Kali. Even rivers and mountains were worshipped in the name of women like Ganga. Half of India’s population consists of women. It was a belief that women are born to get married and then do household chores. There was a time when they were not given education due to various reasons like gender inequality, dowry, child marriage, and many more. The status of women in society has evolved from ancient times. The women’s status deteriorated in the middle ages.

In today’s world, women are present in every field. They have proved themselves in every male-dominated area. Despite managing household chores, she is also engaging herself in every possible work field. Today’s women believe in being independent. They are not dependent on anyone for their financial income, parenting, and many more. There are many inspiring stories of women like Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla, PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Indira Gandhi, and many more who have created a history by being the first woman to be in the respective fields. Women are not limited to the house. A woman’s capability must not be underestimated by her gender. They are capable and powerful. A woman should be encouraged to accomplish their goals. They should not be stopped from taking education. Similarly, if they want to work, they must be allowed. They deserve equal treatment by society.

Despite having much respect, women’s safety is at its peak of concern. The everyday newspaper contains news related to rape cases, stalking, domestic violence, crimes against women. This creates a fear in the minds of girl child parents and even women. Some people even consider the girl child to be a burden on them, due to which they prefer to kill her, which is another crime. Men throw acid on women, rape them, beat them and the list goes on. 

All these things have a bad effect on a girl. They even fear going out and they are not allowed to go out at night as well. We all must create a safe environment for women. Unfortunately, a woman is not always safe. Well, don’t trust a stranger for safety but consider downloading the following essential apps which will be very helpful.

  1. My Safetipin –

If you have this application on your smartphone then it doesn’t matter where you are, you will get to know how safe the area is. In addition, it also shows public transport, ATM, and police station availability. 

  1. Smart24X7

This application is helpful for not only women but also senior citizens. It has a direct link to the state’s server police. It has a PANIC button which when pressed sends an alert to all the list of contact numbers you have mentioned and also the police. It also records video and audio and sends it to police officers. In addition, it also has a call center service for emergency services.

  1. Himmat

This application is specially designed by Delhi Police. The application is capable of sending exact location along with audio-video to the Delhi Police Control Room when an SOS is pressed by you. It is available in Hindi and English language.

  1. bSafe

This app has a special feature of bSafe alarm which will send your GPS location along with audio-video. “Follow me” allows your family and friends to track your location until you reach safely. “Fake call” allows you to escape from unpleasant situations. It has also a feature of sending SOS messages.

  1. Shake2Safety

This app is very easy to use. If you feel insecure, you just have to shake your mobile four times and immediately an SOS message or call will be placed. This app also works offline. Using this app, you can also report robbery and accidents. 

In this way, women must take their safety into their own hands.

Written By –

Pranali Mahindrakar, Student, BSc. Computer Science, Pune.

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