The Identity – an upcoming movie by our Prayaana Labs as a dedication to all fabulous females who have dedicated their own lives to live the life of others. This movie is going to be inspirational for those who realized their self value and wish to come out of all their entanglements to a worthy life. 

The story revolves around a nuclear family. It seems to be realistic and coincidental to many around us. The Identity is the tale of Devi, a middle-aged woman who is stuck inside the four walls of her house living the life of an ordinary housewife and a mother. Her life comprising of financial, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse takes a U-turn when she decides to change. The story tells her transformational journey and how she evolves to become a new Devi.

This drama clearly depicts that nothing can stop you if you decide to be unstoppable. It emphasizes attaining your own Identity in this world and its worth, which none can do for you. 

It is sure to touch the lives of many and help women to come out of their comfort zone to unfold themselves thereby they not only gain recognition but also contribute to the country’s economy. The Movie will be released on March 8th by NeeStream OTT Platform as well as  their YouTube Channel. Several celebrities in the Malayalam film industry have shared their good wishes for the movie.  

Best Wishes to the Team- The Identity and let the success make a bang.

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