The implementor of the first-ever Women in Tech conference: Meet Geetha Kannan


Over the past 3-4 posts, my focus was on women which impacted how I perceive the professional world.

Women in the workforce today are increasing, and there is nothing more inspiring to find that we are headstrong, upskilling, and making waves in the workforce. And that is possible due to people’s many individual yet collective efforts.

One such visible contribution is by Geetha Kannan. The Founder & EO of Wequity. She spearheads a company focused on promoting women in the workforce. Wequity for Women and Technology provides tools, research, and services that help organizations improve gender equality.

The story of Geetha Kannan is that of perseverance. She is known for implementing the first-ever women in tech conference sponsored by Infosys back in 2006.

Perseverance isn’t easy. When we require a change to happen at a systemic level, the process is often slow, daunting, and lonely. After all, not many will risk in a long-term game.

But for Geeta, the life hack has been to “Stay focused on the goal, and the opposition will melt away.”

Once the focus is set in place, the vision needs to be shared. Unless the person truly believes in the cause they are working towards, bringing real change will face hurdles. The goal becomes easier to move towards when everyone who believes lends a helping hand. But each step requires us to be patient and perseverant. There will be moments when the goal seems illusionary, and we are riddled with doubt.

But as Geeta Kannan showed, the way to make it till the end is to fight the doubt, stay focused, and have people around you that will push you to do better.

#100DaysofWomenRoleModels is a series created by LinkedIn writer Sukita Tapadia, about strong Indian women, right among us. Through her series, Sukita aims to highlight the stories of these role-model-worthy women and celebrate their lives.
(The views are personal, and these stories are based upon secondary research

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