Career and health should go hand in hand


In 2020, the pandemic brought out the glaring issues of healthcare that needed quick and long-term solutions.

A lack of awareness regarding sexual health and taking care of our general needs has been prevalent among women. There was the added layer of taboo as people hesitated to talk about their sexual, menstrual, and reproductive health. The need of the hour was to make conversations, consultations, and solutions easily accessible to women across the country.

Achitha Jacob (she/her) saw this as the opportunity to solve the problem and thus, founded Proactive For Her. Solving a gap in women’s health has enabled Archita to create a safe, patient-friendly atmosphere.

As hustlers, our goal is to work better and help enable change. But the biggest takeaway from Archita’s vision of Proactive for her is to become proactive regarding health literally. And this is the mental model I see from Archita’s work – to be well-rounded, even in terms of health.

While our careers advance, we must keep a check on our health and become better. In the long run, it is vital that we take both careers and health hand in hand, and I hope this post can serve as a reminder to keep a check on our health. Even if we are at the zenith of how healthy we can be, it helps to check in periodically to keep improving.

#100DaysofWomenRoleModels is a series created by LinkedIn writer Sukita Tapadia, about strong Indian women, right among us. Through her series, Sukita aims to highlight the stories of these role-model-worthy women and celebrate their lives.
(The views are personal, and these stories are based on secondary research.

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