Have you ever wondered why a woman costs nothing while a man costs lakhs and crores, in marriage? I have thought about it. Indeed I take this opportunity to welcome you all to think about our ‘Prestigious Dowry System’.

Long before, centuries back, women were considered to be on par with men (Nobody thought of subordinating anybody Thank god)They were into hunting, participated in social and political gatherings, and had equal voice and respect in the society. Historically, the Vedic age never marked the presence of child marriages, inequality in marriage, divorce, or educational opportunities.

However, that did not last much longer. Some scriptures and religious texts started bringing in the concept that girl children bring CURSES to the family. With the task of childbearing, she was limited within the four walls of the house. With no opportunity or need to engage in physically enduring and strenuous work, her body started adapting to basic jobs like cooking and child care.

Thus to take care of these helpless individuals and to make a living for them, the grooms were gifted DOWRY. First, it was a “GIFT” which later turned out to be the most compulsory payment that one has to make in the world. It must be true to think that none of our great great forefathers would have imagined a situation like this(Today how even SNAKES come demanding dowry.. girls be CAREFUL).

Sometimes I feel that men only get married to the jewelry and money which they receive as dowry, and not to the woman. Times have changed, nobody is living in the Hitler Era (I hope so). Women have taken up the most challenging and respectful positions and jobs in the world.(Sometimes they emerge more successful than their male counterparts there). Their vision, clarity of thought, coordinating skills, and execution are worth a mention. After All, they are now managing all that she was “Expected to Do” and what was not really “Expected of her”(Like being a Prime Minister)

But my greatest fear remains, for nothing is emerging as strong as be revolution to touch” our age-old dowry system. ”Dear girls, you still have time to think. Let your thoughts work to save you. After all the duty of a writer is to give some sparks for you to ponder upon, right?

I remain.

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