This Ex-Employee of Facebook Launched a Dating App That Focuses on Voice


Tanvi Gupta, an ex-employee of Facebook has launched ‘SwoonMe’, a dating app that uses real human voices and customized avatars to match people.

When it comes to dating, Tanvi Gupta believes that true feelings go beyond looks. That is why she launched ‘SwoonME’, a dating app that focuses on the voices of the individuals rather than their photos. In this dating app, she has used voice clips and avatars of the users to connect with people. The users cannot see the photo of their match but can hear the voice clip they have added to their profile.

Tanvi Gupta feels that a person’s voice conveys their personality, their emotions and their level of sociability. That is why she used people’s real voices in SwoonMe. And the customized avatar of the person gives the match some idea about how the person may look in real life. The matches can interact through their software and play some ice breaker games and then only they can choose to reveal their photos. They can even hide it afterwards if they choose to.

Tanvi moved to the US at the age of 16, for higher education. She has an MBA degree from Marquette University in Milwaukee. After that, she worked on Wall Street with Morgan Stanley and CitiGroup. After marriage, she moved to the Bay Area. After that, she joined Facebook to work on Messenger and Instagram for three years.

Tanvi Gupta launched SwoonMe in India and the US with her brother Rishabh Gupta. The app was a success once launched. Tanvi was surprised by the number of signups. In a survey overall 40% of the people using SwoonMe said that a voice-first system helps them to make a better connection with the other person and increase their interest.

Rishabh Gupta is the CTO of SwoonMe. He has worked at companies like Samsung, Grofers and Expedia. He single-handedly built a performant, stable, and wonderful SwoonMe app on both iOS and Android platforms. SwoonMe is a team of eight people including engineers, designers, and a marketing team. Elizabeth leads the design team while Vaivhav Kumar is Head of Growth for India. The app launched on 26 January 2022 in India.

According to Tanvi, the biggest USP of SwoonMe is that it provides a safe, secure, private platform that doesn’t make people, especially women, feel judged, insecure, or conscious. In the two to three weeks of its launch in India, SwoonMe has crossed 10,000 users, seen over 100,000 swipes on the app, with nine minutes being the average time the user spends on the app.

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