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I looked at the mirror with a flash of pride. I saw a beautiful girl, well endowed by Mother Nature. The girl was bubbling with life and spilling it over to other beings. Life was her paint board, onto which she splashed the many facets of her personality. She drew admirers like moth to flame and walked away from competitions winning over critical acclaim. The girl was shooting at the stars. She was diving headfirst into unknown waters. She was the danseuse and her partner was life.

Darkness entered the room as I sat in a narcissistic trance. The light that illuminated my countenance was eclipsed by fear. The dark silhouette feared failure, it feared the evanescence of life. Deep within the desolate eyes, was a grapple for attention and a wish to stomp over others in the race for success. The mirror reflected a hypocrite – who preached equality but saw to it that nobody intruded on her sphere of dominance. She grew by miring competitors. The horrific face appalled me, making me fling the mirror to the floor. I heard the crash of the juggernaut that I contained within – my ego.

My tears washed away the dust that prickled my views. I saw the fire that glimmered within me – the very flicker that was kindled in the hearts of all creation. I realized my position in the way of things, my offering in the tribute to creation. I was a sweet note in the melody of life. Together I coalesced with many other beats to create that unique symphony. Alone, however, I would’ve been a tune trying to establish its presence in the world.

-Meera Unnikrishnan, Ernakulam