I recently got to interview a lady officer who had got a plush position in multinational company. I was aware of right and contributions she had made to company. I was told the fact the she was made CEO in just four years of positive contribution. I got to interview that lady. She readily agreed to spell some of their points.

I questioned her that how could she raise herself to a prominent level. And how did she get a formidable position . To this she answered briefly that she was made to speak from school level. She said that she went to a prominent school where she participated in all activities. She added that her school was different because she got to speak at every level. Her father was too adamant for speaking up. I then asked her what speech could do to a woman. She told that when we speak, we formalise our needs. She added that formulising our needs made others aware of facts. She also added that whenever chose to speak then our perspective and outlook is heard. She added that personality is also summarised at workpeople when woman feeds her thought. She is noticed by management which results into better remuneration and work appraisals.

I got to question her more. Since she looked more positive with my questioning so I mustered guts to grill her more. I asked her what should be done to rural woman where they are fairly given equal share. To which she answered that they should be asked to get at least elementary education so that they begin to understand basics. I then asked her then that most of woman fear being critisized and they don’t speak up. I asked her how to address this problem. To this she politely answered that woman should generate confidence intrinsically and they should be supported by other ladies. Here she added up for the need for emotional support. I was quite fixated by her thought process. It was glad moment to interview her. I was left quite surprised at the knowledge that she showed. I also vowed to make us more vociferous at every sphere of life.

I take this opportunity to bring her thought to everyone. Today as a chief female emancipator I take this opportunity to talk of your problems . I beef every woman to be a part solution and not be problem itself. I understand the fact that we are deterred by stringent norms of society, but if we have to rise above common prejudices then we should take the norms as a positive bait. We as women should not be judge by a common demarcating line but for individuality itself. We should be encouraged to take individualism politely.

Author : Ms. Rashmi



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