UP groom calls off wedding over bride’s ‘poor’ high school grades in a bizarre incident

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In a bizarre incident in Uttar Pradesh, India, a groom called off his wedding after discovering that the bride had poor grades in high school.

According to reports, the groom’s family had been promised that the bride was well-educated and had scored good grades in high school. However, when they asked to see the mark sheet, the bride’s family refused to show it, claiming that it had been lost. The groom became suspicious and managed to obtain a copy of the mark sheet, which reportedly showed that the bride had scored only 40% in her high school exams. The man then called off the wedding, saying that he had been misled about the bride’s education.

The incident has caused controversy and debate in India, with many people criticizing the groom for being shallow and placing too much importance on academic performance. Some have speculated that the groom may have been seeking a larger dowry and used the high school grades as an excuse to call off the wedding.

The dowry system in India involves the transfer of money, property, or other valuable items from the bride’s family to the groom’s family as a condition of marriage. The incident has once again highlighted the issue of gender inequality and discrimination in Indian society. While education is seen as an important factor for women to gain social mobility and independence, incidents like this show that women are still judged by narrow and outdated criteria, and are often treated as commodities in the marriage market.

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