Visually Impaired Girl From Kerala Tops CBSE 12 Exam And Bags Full Scholarship To US 


19-year-old visually disabled girl tops CBSE Class 12 exam 2022 with 496 out of 500 marks in the specially-abled category

Beating all odds, a 19-year-old girl proved that no dream is impossible. Hannah Alice Simon, a student from Kochi, put another feather in her cap by obtaining the top spot in the disabled category of the class 12 board exams.

Despite having the underlying condition “Microphthalmia,” which left her blind, she scored 496 out of 500 in CBSE class XII. Born and raised in Kochi, Hannah attended Rajagiri Christu Jayanthi Public School in Kakkanad. Hannah emphasised her parents’ decision to allow her to attend a regular school by saying, “Instead of giving me an education in a school for disabled students, my parents thought of admitting me to a normal school so that I don’t face any difficulty for my further studies in college.”

Although getting bullied in school, she had moved on because she believed she had so many other aspirations to accomplish. “I was bullied, young, and kept at a distance even as I grew older. But I know that even as I move on in my life, I will face these kinds of challenges. So facing them from early childhood has made me stronger to face bigger challenges in life,” she said. 

Apart from accomplishing in school, she also published a book recently, called “Welcome Home” with six short stories featuring young girls.

Hannah became the only student from Kerala to win a full scholarship to the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, US. “She is a very talented person and her extra-curricular activities helped her get the full scholarship to the university which provides the best course in psychology,” said Lija Simon, her mother.

According to her, the entry process was extremely tough as “one has to write multiple essays, among other things. Points are given for community services, extra-curricular activities and proficiency in English and marks in classes IX, X and Plus-One. Hannah has completed eighth grade in western vocal, both classical and rock, from Trinity College London besides working with children of an orphanage.”

Surely, it had not been an easy journey, but the support of her parents kept Hannah going through highs and lows. 

Credits: India Times

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