• The magic that is a cold  shower

     When we  think of  a relaxing  shower, we  definitely  think of  a hot shower. However taking  a cold shower  every day instead can have a surprising abundance of benefits for  your physical and mental  health, as well as your appearance. At least to the   end of  your  shower take a cold one for about 2 minutes and  you  will  reap the  benefits.

  • Tightens  your  skin.

     One  of  the  best  best  beauty benefits of cold shower is that , when cold water  hits your skin it tightens  up  and make skin more  firm . This can help you  retain  a  smooth youthful glow  and  allows  your skin  to  appear less saggy. This also tightens  pores  & makes them appear smaller   and  possibly  reduce  dirt  getting  trapped  ,which  can also make skin  dull.

  • A cold shower speeds up metabolism.

     The  low temperature of cold water showers jumpstarts your  metabolism and  speeds  it up. So that your body can process food  more  quickly. So,if weight loss is  your  thing, turn down the Heat on your morning  shower.

  • Increases Focus  & Concentration.

    Cold shower  are  known  to  increase  your  focus & concentration, and help you  feel more  alert throughout  the  day. You can become  less dependent on  stimulants to get you through the  day,which  can wreak havoc on adrenal  glands  and  cause  dehydration of your  skin blackheads and  breakouts. Losing  hair  as you  age  is  natural, but  you  can  slow the process with  your  daily  cold shower. Washing your hair  in a cold shower can help  prevent  hair loss  &  may  even  promote hair growth. Plus ,it makes your hair look shiny & lustrous as an added  benefit.

  • Improves  blood  circulation…

    Not only  cold shower  fantastic for your  overall health it can also  bring more nutrients to your  skin  so you  can  have a  beautiful  glow  all day

  • Strengthen  your immune  system.

       Taking a  cold shower regularly stimulates the  immune system & strengthens  it to  help your ward off common  sickness &prevent you from contracting them as infrequently . That  is  a great  benefit in this day & age. Have you ever  noticed how people  with a strong  immune  system  just seemingly glow  from  the  inside? 

  • Increase  your  energy

Stepping  into  a  cold shower  every  morning  can jumpstart  your day  & get you  feeling  like you  are  super human.

Taking  a  cold  shower  when you  wake up will help  you  kick grogginess more  quickly  and allow  you  to  feel increasingly energized & awake.

Remember, we want  to  decreases  that coffee  & energy drink  to start our day. Always  natural  energy  is  in demand  .

So turn that hot water off and  let the cold rain down benefits  upon  you ,leaving  you feeling great, & looking  fabulous.

Ms. Usha Kuruvilla, Owner of Essence, Kochi, +91 9656260971

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