Who is Jyoti Nainwal? – Wife of Martyred soldier becomes an army officer


Back in April 2018, the death of Jyoti’s husband, officer Deepak Nainwal in a terrorist encounter in Jammu & Kashmir, left her whole family with utter despair and impotence. Jyoti was a homemaker at the time with two children, completely ignorant of what the future holds for them. However, her life took a sudden turn when her mother offered her a piece of advice. “Your life from now onwards should be a gift to your children. They will emulate you. It’s up to you how you want to steer your life.”

At that time, Jyoti was absolutely clueless about what the selection process for the Army entails. However, Brigadier Cheema and Col MP Singh from Deepak’s parent company “1 Mahar Regiment” came forward to be her mentors after seeing her eagerness to join the force. She started preparing for the Service Selection Board test and successfully cleared the test. After that, she completed 11 months of training in Chennai. And three years later, she has definitely made her husband proud by graduating as an officer from the Officers Training Academy, Chennai this past week. 

During the passing out parade, Lieutenant Jyoti Nainwal was accompanied by her two children, who were cheering for their mother, wearing army uniforms. Her 9-year-old daughter Lavanya Nainwal told the Times of India that she is extremely proud of her mother, “I want to thank the Mahar Regiment. Because of them, she has become an Army officer, and I’m feeling very proud of her.” 

During this occasion, Lieutenant Jyoti Nainwal thanked the Mahar Regiment and her family for their support. “I never thought I’d go for a job, as I was a homemaker. Only when my husband was in the hospital, I saw how the Army takes care of its soldiers. So I decided to join the Army, and my husband’s Mahar Regiment helped. I want to tell the wives of other martyrs that we should live in a way that our children don’t need to take anyone else as their inspiration,” she said to Times of India. 

Jyoti Nainwal, therefore, is an ideal example of transforming from a housewife to a strong, empowered woman. Although going through hardships, she didn’t give up and continued her fight. And today, she became an excellent inspiration not only for her family but for all the women out there too. 

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Mohor Bhattacharjee 

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