A woman is a tree of life;
the heavens know her grace.
In her is found an essence that
eclipses time and space.
She reaches heavenward, her fingers
branching toward the sun
and winds her roots through rocks and dirt
to bless the work she’s done…
to feed and anchor tender shoots
by her good seed begun.

                                                                    -Susan Noyas Anderson

Is there anything in nature more beautiful than a woman who plants her roots deeply enough to bring forth strong branches and green leaves? Like a majestic tree, she offers shelter to all who seek her. She loves and is loved, nurtures, and is nurtured.

A woman who finds good ground blesses the lives of others and, in so doing, her own.

The most imperative is to understand that women are strong; both physically and from WITHIN. 

The strength she carries in her cry when she is born,

The strength she carries in her tone when scolding her sibling,

The strength she carries in her anxiety when she is wedded to her man,

The strength she carries in her shriek when she gives birth to her baby,

The strength she carries in her grit when she nurtures her child,

The strength she carries in her tenacity to bind her family when she becomes the most adored grandmother to her grandchildren.

Is unparalleled, Irreparable, inconceivable, exactly like how nature is.

Today’s women balance both personal and professional life perfectly they prove to excel in both share of their lives and create a priceless blueprint for the upcoming generations. The art of jugglery is best learned from a woman. 

The top four competencies, that only women carry, both at work and managing family are:

  • Managing Tasks
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Collaboration – Power of Influence

Managing Tasks – An easy word to read but isn’t that way when it comes to execution. Women are exceptional when it comes to multitasking and handling them seamlessly. Balancing every aspect and everything to perfection is something that women are naturally blessed with. 

Both at work and at home they can do umpteen things at a time, and still be focused on the next duty/chore on their way.

Patience – This explicitly denotes listening in detail and being considerate about the expectations both from a relationship perspective and a goals perspective. Women play with mastery in this skill. Women have more patience than men as they face higher pressure both at work and at home. Passion and Patience personified!

Empathy – Naturally comes to women being a sister, wife, and mother.  Women are more empathic because they understand one’s predicament and emotional state. They feel it almost under their skin. 

Collaboration – Power of influence – Every woman innately possesses the special power to have a calming influence on others, Equally, the years spent controlling and hiding have taught them how best to perform in life, how to arrange their faces into non-threatening, placating expressions and how to please others as an act of self-protection.

Women are great influencers be it cooking, creating execution plans at work, or convincing clients, peers, or even their spouses at home, they exhibit their skill of subtle domination to collaborate and get work done effortlessly. A special power indeed.

A classic comparison of women and their presence in this world would be with a banyan tree. Mother of all trees for its sheer size, and presence, harbors growth of all species, harbingers balanced growth of mother earth, and above all demonstrates voluminous growth in all aspects, yet so calm and strong. 

A banyan tree pollinates into tiny wasps and grows on the seeds that land on other trees.

A woman is highly adjustable and adaptable wherever she is placed both in the family and at work and hence is dynamic when it comes to accepting change and accustoming to a new environment.

The roots of a banyan tree grow into stout, branch-supporting pillars that resemble new trunks.

A woman flourishes by supporting her family and colleagues and clones the skills and potential she carries into her supporters.

A banyan tree is an ecological linchpin.

A woman is a societal linchpin.

A banyan tree withstands the worst of catastrophes.

A woman can withstand high pressure and adversity with ease.

Women have sustained the growth of society and molded the future of nations. In the emerging complex social scenario, women have a vital role to play in different sectors. They can no longer be considered mere harbingers of peace but are emerging as the source of power and symbol of progress.

“A woman is the full circle.  She has the power to create, nurture, and transform.”

Mr. G Deveanand (Dev)
Founder Director – Maxires

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Fly High Women: Feminism, Innovation, and Inspiration in Action And how you too can fly high! Buy One, Gift One