Woman quits British council job to start a roadside tea stall

Sharmistha Ghosh

No job is big or small. But one must dream big !”Brigadier Sanjay Khanna states this in a Post.

A few days ago he was at Delhi Cantt’s Gopinath Bazar and felt a strong urge to have tea. He was amused and surprised when he saw a smart English-speaking lady operating a small chai stall on a cartwheel. (Raydee). To curb his curiosity, he asked her the reason for doing so. The lady said her name was Sharmistha Ghosh. She was a postgraduate in English literature who worked in the British Council Library till the time she quit to follow her dreams. She has a vision and dreams to make her tea stall as big as Chaayos.

Her friend,  Bhavna Rao working with Lufthansa is also a joint partner in her tea venture. Moreover, Sharmishtha has also employed her house help, currently providing extra wages to her by employing her at the chai stall. They come together in the evening every day and operate the small tea stall.

In his post, he aims to stress the fact that no job should be called low. Every job is worth doing irrespective of the strata of society you come from.  

What truly matters is – ‘One must have the passion & integrity to work towards their dream to make it come true’. 

Brigadier Khanna shares this message with all the highly qualified youth who are in despair and are looking for an educational qualification-appropriate job. One may think of numerous small ways and means to achieve & flourish in the longer run.

In  Sharmishtha’s story, she decided to quit her job at the British Council Library and operate a tea stall. This might sound easy for unqualified/uneducated women who take up such jobs to support their families financially. But when people like Sharmishta opt for this path there is often chiding and mockery. 

 Do not limit yourself on basis of qualifications and societal expectations; be courageous and put your dreams into action.

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