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A woman named Tamanna recently shared her extraordinary experience with online dating, where a Tinder match responded to her question, “Why should she date him?” with a full-fledged presentation. Instead of the typical pickup lines or boasts about himself, Tamanna’s match sent her a PowerPoint presentation titled “Why Tamanna Should Date Me.”

Tamanna, who goes by the handle @hotgirllcoachh on social media, posted the story and screenshots of the presentation, which quickly went viral. The slides in the presentation covered the man’s hobbies, interests, and reasons why he believed they would be a perfect match. Some slides highlighted his hobbies such as swimming, gymming, and enjoying gol gappas. Another slide mentioned his willingness for everything, from late-night chai shenanigans to early-morning breakfast with a mountain view, accompanied by photos of him and food. Surprisingly, the presentation even included testimonials from various sources, including his dog, his neighbor’s dog, street cats and dogs, his high school crush, his security guard, and even his landlord.

The story gained widespread attention on the internet, with 2.6k likes and growing engagement since it was shared on January 27. The post sparked discussions about online dating and the creative lengths people go to make a positive impression. Some praised the presentation as a clever and unique approach, while others expressed critical views.

One user expressed interest in trying a similar approach but humorously speculated about men sending similar presentations to multiple people. Another user questioned the gender roles and the effort both men and women put into online dating, emphasizing the importance of equal treatment.

Whether viewed positively or critically, the presentation undeniably stood out as a creative and attention-grabbing way to make a first impression in the realm of online dating. Tamanna’s post has left people intrigued, wondering if such an unconventional approach could be effective in the quest for love in the digital age.

Repurposed article originally published in She the People

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