WWE Superstar Natalya Wins Three Guinness World Records; Fans Spot Major Error


Natalya was recently presented with three official documents from the Guinness World Records, however, fans have spotted a major error! Let’s take a look:

Former WWE Women’s champion Natalya finally unveiled her Guinness World Record certificates for the world to see on Twitter. 

Natalya’s records were awarded to her earlier this year and in the fall. She won three world records, including the most WWE matches (female), the most WWE PPV appearances (female), and the most wins achieved in a female wrestler’s career.

Natalya started her wrestling journey in WWE back in 2007 and has been a part of the roster since 2008. She is the first woman to graduate from the infamous Hart Dungeon. Since then, she has won the SmackDown Women’s title once and is a 1-time Diva. Apart from that, she also won the Women’s Tag Team Championship alongside Tamina, among other championships. 

Fans are extremely excited about her world record, however, amidst the joyous moment, some fans have spotted a major error in printing. The most WWE wins in career certificate states that it was awarded back in November in Greensboro, South Carolina. It’s worth noting that this doesn’t exist, Greensboro is in North Carolina, which has been pointed out by several fans. Despite the error, Nattie herself hasn’t reacted to fans who have spotted it. 

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