Zendaya reflects on childhood, fame, and past regrets, saying: “I wish”


Zendaya, famous for her role in “Euphoria,” recently talked about her childhood and early fame in a Vogue interview. Despite her success, she has mixed feelings about starting her career as a child actor.

Zendaya became well-known after being on Disney’s “Shake It Up” with Bella Thorne in 2010. She really became famous in 2017 when she played Michelle in Marvel’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

Thinking back on her childhood, Zendaya talked about how she had to support her family financially when she was young. She felt like she had to grow up fast and take on adult responsibilities.

Zendaya feels unsure about how much choice she had in becoming an actor at such a young age. She knows being a child actor can sometimes have bad effects.

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As Zendaya grew up, she started to realize what she missed out on during her childhood. She wishes she had the chance to do normal teenage things like going to school.

Now that Zendaya is in her late twenties, she feels like she’s going through a teenage phase as an adult. She missed out on parts of growing up, so she sometimes feels overwhelmed, even during big moments in her career.

Even though she’s successful, Zendaya still feels tense. This might come from her unusual childhood as a child actor. She wishes she had more freedom to try different things while growing up.

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