Q. I am a 25 years old woman. I feel dejected very easily and a simple comment on me from others make me low. As I am a job seeker, I am looking for jobs and I am well qualified as well. But after each interview I experience a low, like I have fell in to a black hole. What I have noticed is I cannot stand judgements and I have this habit of keeping on self-judging myself. Always some comparisons are going on within me, and I look at others faces, and try to read or it flashes into my mind, what they are thinking of me. This happens while I am with an interview board too. So I panic, and do blunders. Kindly help.

Answer by – Ms. Nidhi

First of all create a space for yourself and trust you are a unique creation of the creator.  This will help build your self-confidence. Be bold and face the challenges as if you are giving the stage performance! Each time you hear the criticism, you will deliver the best, let that be the motivation.

Another possible option to tackle is, if possible take criticisms for bettering yourself and prepare for better tomorrow. Those who are involved in any actions are the ones who get criticism, so take it as medals/trophies that you get. In this process you will gain from criticism than feeling like a loser or being dejected.

Try listing out gratitude journals, this will help you a lot, try it daily at least identify one thing every day that you have as a blessing.

secondly, stop feeling what others think of you, think what you would like to be and be like what you are. Start believing in yourself and gradually you will start detecting your unique qualities. Remember no one is perfect.

Thirdly, before appearing for interviews, take deep breaths and this will help more oxygen supply, enabling more clarity in thoughts and you will feel refreshed with confidence. Try out suitable breathing exercise and try to make it a daily practice.  Most importantly, don’t think much of mistakes, if you don’t know something frankly convey that, or accept it and try to improve. If you can focus between eyes, it will help increase the concentration.  To conclude now, all these depressions, motivation, anger, laughter all are plays of hormones in your body. keep a healthy diet and try find the peaceful corner of your heart.


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Dr Nidhi M B, Associate Professor, MED, MBCET
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