Q. I am a 25 years old woman. I feel dejected very easily and a simple comment on me from others make me low. As I am a job seeker, I am looking for jobs and I am well qualified as well. But after each interview I experience a low, like I have fell in to a black hole. What I have noticed is I cannot stand judgements and I have this habit of keeping on self-judging myself. Always some comparisons are going on within me, and I look at others faces, and try to read or it flashes into my mind, what they are thinking of me. This happens while I am with an interview board too. So I panic, and do blunders. Kindly help.

Answer by – Ms. Sandhya

 Dear Anonymous,

I can hear what you are feeling when you look at people’s face.

It would help me to guide you if you can share –

1) What do you feel when you look at yourselves in the mirror each morning?

2) What is one thing you tell yourself each night before sleeping?

It is ok if you are not doing any of these right now , how about trying these for a week-

1) On a sheet of paper/ post it / write ‘ I am extraordinary, I am awesome, I deserve all the good things in life’. Please stick to the mirror where you brush your teeth every morning.

2) Or you could label your morning alarm with this affirmation.

3) Before you sleep, please say to yourself ‘ I am loving I am loved and I deserve to be loved by all’.

I know Ms Anonymous, you may feel this is fake and not true right? 

But the way you have been thinking so far has not helped you in a positive manner in these years… How about slightly changing the way of daily thinking and see the magic happen…

Are you willing to make this small change in your life and see miracles start happening… Do this at least for 14 days at a stretch without fail, without doubting it, and  without questioning it. 

Love you for your courage of sharing your story. 

Take care and let the magic begin.

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Fly High Women: Feminism, Innovation, and Inspiration in Action And how you too can fly high! Buy One, Gift One