Highly qualified and wonderfully employed with a good paystill not happier and feeling a kind of incompleteness-That was Shami Shahul until she started her own venture. She now does what she likes the most. Baking cakes and confectionaries and in between a little spice too-chicken biryani her master recipe. She called it 3D bakes and she takes utmost care to make it as healthier and purer as possible. And this mom , had to take up another task too. Her darling daughter being allergic to marketed cosmetics Shami was forced to try her hand on soaps and shampoos. Yes, she is the proud owner of the brand ‘Pure care’. Pure in every sense, that is , her products are free of chemicals like parabens and sulphates. Her motto is not to ‘compare and compete’ as she understands that there are many like her who put efforts to bring the best in the market, so is she ! This gentle lady is out there to make her own imprint in the society. Congratulations and best wishes Shami!

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