Ms.Sheila Rashee

Every women has a beauty and a charm of he own.  But we are more or less sure that those with an inner beauty combined with that  take it easy policy  are the one who really  sets the new trend for  a different  beauty parameter. We start to admire them and wonder at their charisma and energy. All said and done we have to nurture and love what we have born with. A hair or a face makeover brings  a new freshness and energy. And this simple act of ours may turn to such a big investment in our personality so that we and others will feel a tangible change.  Out there are many experts who do the magic wand effect on  us to grant us a wonderful make over. Ms.Sheila Rasheed is one among them. Her story is also a one of accidentally hitting   into her passion, that is enhancing beauty and sharpening the already gifted features. During her childhood she was not that keen in academics, but spend her time in doing crafts like flower making, glass painting etc. At the age of twenty she got married off and bore two adorable kids and was a stay at home mom.  But it was her husband who pushed her out of the comfort of the house and made her study something new. Keeping with her natural affinity she went for further courses in flower making and sari related works and tailoring. Once while doing her driving course her long wait for the tutor near a beauty parlour made the whole twist. She decided to do a beautician course and it was there she realised her passion. Then there was no turning back. She dived deep into the art of make-up and never missed a chance to get trained under the experts. She is very much alive to the new trends and techniques. She is an active member at Prayaana and is also behind the lovely photoshoot this month for our shesight magazine. She is also an award winning distributor of Johara brand of beauty products. She does bridal makeovers and fashion makeovers. For bookings please contact with Prayaana HQ / via Facebook page of prayaana.

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