Image Credit: Thrive Global

Confident women, strong and bold,

With heads held high, and hearts full of gold.

They march forward, with purpose and grace,

Their beauty shines, in every place.

They don’t shy away from a challenge or fear,

They stand tall and conquer, with a smile sincere.

Their words are wise and their actions true,

Their spirit shines, as bright as the morning dew.

Confident women know they are worth,

They pave the way, for a brighter earth.

They lift each other, and empower the youth,

Their light shines bright, like the stars in the sky of truth.

They are not afraid to be themselves,

Their unique voice, they share with the world.

They are the ones who lead the way,

Confident women, they light the way.

With poise and power, they take the stage,

Their confidence is a beacon of change.

They are the queens of their own fate,

With confidence, they change the world,

one step at a time, it’s never too late.

-With love, from SheSight

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