India urges Afghanistan against terrorism and emphasizes humanitarian aid’s importance

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India has urged that Afghanistan’s territory should not be used for harboring, instructing, organizing, or financing terrorist operations or groups, including those identified by the United Nations Security Council, as well as drug trafficking.

Speaking at the United Nations Security Council meeting on Afghanistan, Ruchira Kamboj, India’s representative to the UN, emphasized the importance of the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and expressed concern about the escalating efforts to exclude women from public life. Kamboj updated the UNSC on the humanitarian support that India has provided to Afghanistan, including shipments of wheat, medical aid, relief material, stationery items, and winter clothing for primary school students. She expressed gratitude to the United Nations for their efforts in Afghanistan and stated that India had played an active role in collaborating on the current Unama mandate.

Kamboj also stressed the importance of including women and minorities in Afghanistan’s future plans and ensuring their rights are fully upheld. She reiterated that India will continue to speak out in support of the Afghan people and that peace and stability in Afghanistan are critical imperatives that all of us need to collectively strive for.

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