Lack of skills: Sign that you are meant for success

Shradha Sharma

What you lack will make you run.

Shradha Sharma reiterated these words by her teacher to herself after she felt defeated in her attempt to join the debating society of her college.

In several interviews, Shradha Sharma recollects this story as a reminder of what life is expected to be.

Today, she is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Editor of YourStory Media.

Shradha comes from a conservative background in Bihar, and she speaks of how this exposed her to various forms of judgment, threats, and criticisms. (source: INKtalks)

She says life is brutal and cruel for everybody. When many things pull us down, being confident isn’t easy. But how we decide to perceive it makes the difference.

We are all obsessed with what we own – external, tangible things such as money or popularity. But we can only move forward by accepting what we lack and being comfortable with it.

By accepting what we lack, we become comfortable with ourselves, allowing us to move forward without fear and judgment.

So the next time you think you lack what it takes to make it, embrace it and make the run. For it is what pushes you to do great things!

Have you truly accepted what you lack?

#100DaysofWomenRoleModels is a series created by LinkedIn writer Sukita Tapadia, about strong Indian women, right among us. Through her series, Sukita aims to highlight the stories of these role-model-worthy women and celebrate their lives.

(The views are personal, and these stories are based upon secondary research)

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