Push boundaries to open opportunities-says Corporate Attorney Zia Mody, daughter of Soli Sorabjee


Success leaves clues. Some are obvious, others not so much.
We tend to obsess over what a person does to succeed and ignore what they gave up to get there.

A simple analogy – we hear a lot about waking up early and getting a headstart on your day. But we don’t read much about not bingeing on Netflix and going to bed half an hour earlier.

Zia Mody is one of India’s most well-known corporate attorneys, and as the daughter of Soli Sorabjee, a legend in his own right, she had big shoes to fill.

Through her years in law, she understood the importance of letting go of the small fights and focusing on the ones that make the most impact.

She asked herself three questions before taking up any case.
-What do I want to achieve?
-How do I want to achieve this?
-What would the other side do?

During an interview with ET Now, she recollects how being a woman in a field where so few existed posed a challenge. She chose to push the boundaries as that is where the breakout opportunities were.

She also spoke about how doing something out of the ordinary meant taking tough decisions that others were unwilling to take.
The sum total of all these decisions adds to the success.

I had the privilege to hear her views at an event, and here is my takeaway from what I learned from her.

Success is about what one does and doesn’t do.
You need to know what to give up to succeed and what to fight for at every step.

Zia Mody is the founding partner of AZB & Partners.

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