Who’s really behind America’s desire for foods from around the globe? This group biography honors seven amazing women who are migrants, who left a memorable mark on the approach Americans eat today. Taste Makers spans from War II to the present, with deeply researched portraits of figures including Mexican-born Elena Zelayeta, a blind chef; Marcella Hazan, the deity of Italian cuisine; and Norma Shirley, a champion of Jamaican dishes.

In imaginative, lively prose, Mayukh Sen—a queer, brown child of immigrants—remodels the lives of these women in brilliant and empathetic detail. It dares to ask why some were famous in their own time, but not in ours.  And why others shine even today. Recollecting together histories of food, immigration, and gender,” Taste Makers” challenges the way everyone looks at what’s on their dish and also the women whose hard work makes those meals possible.

This famous book offers you a fascinating history of cooking. It is as if you are enjoying a meal. It fills you with a surprise and when it is over, you are sad. These women have made significant contributions, even if they were undervalued throughout their entire life. It is a joyful celebration of cooks. These women’s passion for food has transformed how Americans cook and eat. 

These women have bravely carved out careers in the food industry when it was not an easy thing. Each chapter gives you an idea about what obstacles they faced at that time. The women present in the book are  Chao Yang Buwei, Elena Zelayeta, Madeleine Kamman, Marcella Hazan, Julie Sahni, Najmieh Batmanglij, and Norma Shirley, all from different countries.  They all have gone through struggles and finally accomplished their goal. They have popularized flavors that challenged the nation’s dominant palate, according to  Mayukh Sen.

Even after being from different countries, these women have proved that unity is strength, and nothing is impossible if you are focused on your goal. There came various obstacles to stop them, however, they did not give up. They continued their journey. They all are extremely inspiring and true examples of role models.

Written By-

Pranali Mahindrakar, Student of BSc. CS, Pune.

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