Describe them in single words—


We call them ‘the future generation’—

Future citizens of the world.

Capable of moulding the world of tomorrow?

Doubts assail me as I ponder

Where have we the senior generation gone wrong

Externally—confident, daredevils, smart, extroverts

But once the hard shell cracks—

Hidden beneath is a fragile, scared child

Torn apart by society, knowingly-unknowingly

Some even bear the scars of a bitter past

Seeking for refuge in a patient ear, a warm shoulder,

A loving hug, a caring pat, a knowing look,

A guiding hand along life’s uneven track.

Worry, Stress, Anxiety, Tension—–

Words related to working professionals?

Not any more— these words hang like Damocles Sword

Over   our growing generation

Days of carefree childhood laced with

Laughter, fun, energetic enthusiasm, innocence

Lost forever in clandestine activities behind closed doors

Hooded eyes, painted face, frosty smile

Cover that once cherubic face

Have we as parents, teachers, guardians of society

Shirked our responsibility? —

In our struggle against life’s odds, have we

Turned a deaf ear to the once loud but now silent

Pleas of the priceless gems the Almighty

Entrusted to our care?!

Time to wake up, my contemporaries

All our children need is a little of our time

A loving pat, a word of encouragement,

A sign ensuring your constant presence

In their chrysalis stage.

‘Being there’ is all that is needed

To fortify them to bear the transition

And emerge a beautiful butterfly

Strong, confident, ready to scale heights

To reach the pinnacle of success.

And as we bask in the glory of their success

We can pat ourselves on our back for a

Job well done—– a duty well undertaken

Of moulding a MASTERPIECE

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