Women In Tech: Strategies That Can Break Down The Barriers For Women


For a very long period, the Indian IT sector has been dominated by men, however, over the past few decades, there has been a significant shift in this trend. Today a large number of girls are enrolling in BTech Colleges and also performing extraordinarily well in the roles that they take up in the IT sector.

However, there is still a long way to go in this process of eliminating gender bias in the fields of science and technology. Even though the data shows a considerable amount of increase in the number of women working in the IT sector, it should also be noted that these numbers are not consistent and a downfall can be observed as women approach their mid-thirties. As the data states, there is approximately 51 per cent of women at entry level in the IT sector, 25 per cent in management positions but a mere 1 per cent at the C-suite level. 

In order to improve this situation and increase the percentage of women in the IT sector a number of steps have to be taken. To begin with, women should take the best advantage of all the certification and upskilling programmes present in the market if they decide to take a gap year. This will help them to build a new set of skills and therefore they will be able to outshine their peers in recruitment. 

One should learn to walk hand in hand with the rapidly growing technology, that is women should be exposed to new technologies such as AI, ML, Blockchain and many more. They should also keep learning new things and exploring new sectors as this will help them to keep up with the ever-changing atmosphere around them.

Moreover, women in the tech sector must have hands-on with relevant tools to use existing data sets and visualise them. By acquiring expertise in advanced technology tools, women can become industry ready with no more mansplaining. Women should strive to equip themselves with changing needs of the technology sector to secure their professional journey not only in their existing organisation but also in the industry.

With all these steps being taken, there is no doubt that over the coming years the IT sector will see a huge upsurge in the number of women employees taking up various roles. This will not only help the growth of the industry but will also bridge all the gaps between the employability rate of men and women in the IT sector.

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