In life there comes many instances where we feel lost and in despair. And in those instances sometimes we are blessed by a helping hand which inspires us to thrive for the best, to push hard and move on. There are not too many people around who could instill such confidence in me. But among the few who can, the pillar would be my wife who inspires me to be the best version of myself each and every day.

We met in our school days. A confident, level headed free spirit who makes the best of whatever thrown in front of her. She taught me how to keep calm amidst chaos. She sets an example through her actions. She never let anything affect her spirit and confidence, always finds the resolute to push on.

There was a time when I found myself going through a dark time, lacking in confidence and will to dig myself out of the hole. But even then she made sure that I had a hand to hold for support and find my feet. She listened, she cared. Through her actions she helped me gain a new perspective on life. 

To inspire and influence another soul is no mere feat. Through the simplest of actions, a lovely smile, a caring touch she inspires me every day.

Written by,

Mr. Nishad S N
Entrepreneur & Stay-at-home Dad with a passion for food, photography, travel and books

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