Image Credit: Country Living Magazine

On a glacial rotten street somewhere, a vulnerable man sat, shivering and begging for his life. Next to him, was a highly sick ‘disturbing’ being a stray dog. The dog sat next to the man, not because the man would give him scrumptious treats or shelter him, but because he was the only one who wouldn’t hit or scream at him. 

Neither could the poor vagabond provide the dog any food nor did the dog expect it. Life was passing by and the duo was lost in the crowd. On one such day when vehicles wouldn’t stop the tyranny on the road, the poor man tried crossing the street. Moving ahead slowly, he faced retribution for no provocation of his own. A limo hit him hard, plunging him to the other side of the blood-filled street. No one was ready to move a bone to see him, except the ‘disturbing’ and ‘scary’ creature. Why would someone give up his life for a random person?

But then came the dog, struggling to cross the road, stopping cars with tumultuous barks and showcasing pure and true unconditional love.

What have we humans done to save and keep these loyal and selfless beings? NOTHING! Rather we push them out even from the edge of the road, shout at them for even existing, and “shoo” them away. Their crime? Showing love and expecting something in return we often talk about getting back what we give. What do we give in return for a simple bark? Stone showers, creepy looks, or disgusted faces. Is this right? Is that really what they deserve? Be it strays or be it pets, every creature in this world has the right to live in its habitat which may be a part of our neighborhood. Let us not lose out on these loving lives.

All they expect is some care, comfort, and gentleness.

 So, let us make a safer neighborhood, not by removing stray dogs, but by keeping them safe, by empathizing with and simply loving them.

Disha Nishchal is a budding poet building her way unto intellectual and awakening thoughts. Disha has always been a firm believer in words being mightier than the sword. A dreamer, thinker, and debater, she has always been the epitome of powerful communication.