Meet the 26-year-old feeding 200+ stray dogs in Faridabad every day


Vrinda Sharma, a corporate professional, runs her own charity home — Me and My Human Foundation — to bring quality care and services to the stray animals in her city of Faridabad.

Vrinda Sharma, a 26-year-old corporate professional runs her charity home for stray dogs in Faridabad. Vrinda had been taking care of stray dogs since her childhood. But it is in her college days that she realised that there are no facilities in Faridabad to take care of stray dogs. She has to go to Delhi or Gurugram for the dogs’ treatment and rehabilitation.

So, she decided to start a shelter home in Faridabad. It was not easy. In a small town like her people do not even lend out properties to young single girls. So, finding a place to run the shelter was difficult. But in 2020 she managed to launch a charity Me and My Human Foundation. This foundation has been relentlessly working for the welfare of distressed stray dogs in the city of Faridabad. It is run by Vrinda, three other people, and part-time paramedical staff.

Currently, Me and My Human Foundation cater to only dogs due to a lack of space and resources. On average, Vrinda receives about six rescue calls daily. Additionally, the team also caters to any stray dogs it spots on roads. In cases that are not serious, the dogs are taken care of at the site itself. If they need immediate attention, they are brought in and helped at the shelter home. For those that need surgeries, Vrinda and her team take them to hospitals in Delhi-NCR.

All surgery costs and post-operation services are taken care of by Vrinda and her team. She manages the cost mostly using her personal salary, as well as from fundraising via social media and from friends and family.

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