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Why Europe..?

Europe is the new destination hub of education. All European Union has opened their corridor and eased the visa formalities for students who like to pursue their Bachelors or Masters in Europe. Students plan their higher education in Europe to mainly do the whole experience that these countries provide for them. The major being the quality of education, the duration of the course, admission process, improvement in their vocabulary skills, stay back after completion of the course and last but not the least the security and opportunities that they receive in their career life.

Quality education

The quality of education that the European universities provide is extremely good and includes some of the world’s top ranked institutions such as University of Oxford, University College London and University of Cambridge in the UK or the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, Leiden University in the Netherlands and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich. These universities as well as many other universities in Europe have showcased high regard across the globe and highlighted Europe’s ability to provide an exceptional standard of teaching for the students.

Financial benefits

In the present market scenario, if a student wishes to pursue a bachelor’s, masters degree or PhD program in any of the European universities, it can be affordable in terms of finances. The academic tuition fees are much cheaper than those in certain other countries like America. For example, if you choose to study in the United States, tuition fees can vary between $13,000 (€10,000) and $35,000 (€27,000) depending on whether you study at a state or private university. Typically, in Europe, postgraduate course fees vary from £4,000 (€5,000) to £20,000 (€25,000) depending upon the status of the university and the course topic. Most postgraduate courses for international students are £12,000 (€15,000) which is considerably lower than those in the USA.

High standard of living

In this 21st century, the major focus on development happened across the globe is with regard to the requirement of high standard of living targeted by the middle class people.Apart from having top ranked universities that provide tuition at a reasonable cost, Europe also provides a good standard of living for the students, who pursue their education in these countries, which they have dreamed earlier. This high quality of living enables them to go out and experience life beyond studying which helps them to choose their career life in any one of the European countries. 

Language skills

As we say “ When you in Rome, do as Romans do” Studying abroad in a European destination that speaks English or any foreign language which is different from your mother tongue will definitely reflect well on you. It demonstrates that you are well adaptable to their conditions and willing to learn a different culture and way of living. It will also help you to learn a second language or even third language fluently. For example, if you are from India and decide to study your masters degree or PhD programme in Italy, not only will your English language improve tenfold as your course will be taught in it, but you will also learn to converse in Italian as you go about your everyday life. Learning new languages is always useful and demonstrates a willingness to learn and explore 

Job prospects

A focused life is a secured life. Studying in Europe is beneficial to build a future career as they tend to be large and diverse in their student population. This enables the student to explore a larger life profile as well as offering an excellent networking potential. The high quality of educational institutions in Europe is well known to produce potential employers and can certainly help you along your chosen career path. Potential employers are likely to be impressed with your chosen European university and this can help you to enhance your career prospects. This will provide you with ample opportunities to network and meet a whole range of interesting business people or workers within your chosen industry, which is guaranteed to help you gain more knowledge in your career.

Historical and Cultural interest

Europe is filled with diverse cultural backgrounds engraved in golden letters. It is full of museums and historical buildings which all represent different periods of time and are there to be explored. Living and studying in Europe can provide a wonderful insight and knowledge for students, and this all helps to make a much more enriched postgraduate lifestyle and future.

  • Remya Ramachandran, 

Educational Consultant



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