Female journalists in Egypt
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Egypt Frees 3 Women Journalists

In a significant development, Egyptian authorities have released 32 pre-trial detainees, among them three female journalists who had been incarcerated for a period of two years. This move comes from a country that holds the dubious distinction of being ranked as the world’s third worst jailer of journalists. Safaa El-Korbaji, Hala Fahmy, and Manal Agrama, all employed by state-run media outlets, were among those released.

The detention of these journalists stemmed from their outspoken criticism of the government and alleged corruption within the Maspero building. Since 2022, they had been subjected to forced disappearance and faced charges related to terrorism by the state security prosecution.

The group of released detainees also included 11 teachers who had engaged in peaceful protests after being denied public posts following a competition.

Despite their release, questions linger regarding the status of the charges against the journalists. It remains uncertain whether the charges have been dropped or if they will still face trials.

Furthermore, in April of last year, Egyptian security authorities placed 33 journalists on a terrorism watchlist, alongside activists, politicians, and human rights defenders, totaling 82 individuals. This move further exacerbated concerns about the shrinking space for dissent and free expression in the country.

The release of the detained journalists is a welcome development, yet it underscores the ongoing challenges facing press freedom and human rights in Egypt. The international community continues to monitor the situation closely, advocating for the protection of journalists and the promotion of democratic values in the country.

Repurposed article originally published in She the People

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