Ready for organic food business?

This New Year can make a turning point in your life… Ready for Food Business??

Charge up with a New Year’s Resolution of being on your own stand.

Are you also interested in providing healthier food alternatives like these? Does creating awareness for a sustainable lifestyle interest you? Have you considered launching your own line of natural food products? Then we have a surprise for you for this New Year!

As the world is becoming more health conscious post Covid, natural foods are getting accepted and people want to go back to their roots for a sustainable healthier lifestyle. Learn how to establish yourself as the next-gen Food Entrepreneur in 2022.

PEAKS Academy is organizing a Live Webinar on Sunday, 2nd January 2022 at 5PM. The Startup Coach for the session, Ms. Deepa Muthukumaraswamy, is an established entrepreneur in the food processing domain with over 8 years of experience, who will take you through the concept of natural food products and her entrepreneurship journey. To register for the Zoom Webinar, visit or message PEAKS Academy at 89262 78668.

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