Report on the She Cyber Warrior Summit :

The She Cyber Warrior Summit,  an awareness program on Cybersecurity was held virtually on 26th March 2021 at 4.00 p.m. and was attended by approximately 150 participants. The chief guest of honor was Mr. Sanjay Kumar who is the DIG of the Kerala police.

The meeting started with a welcome note of address and introduction of the main dignitaries by Mr.Yesudas.

 Mr.Sanjay gave a very insightful session, where he explained about the different cyber crimes committed, how these crimes are committed, the advantages to the accused and the disadvantages to the victims of such crimes. He further explained how to deal with such episodes in the event of a crime, to gather courage and file a complaint at least with the local police station. About 90% of the crime is stopped when a complaint is filed. There are different committees formed for such crimes to be registered. Mr.Sanjay went on to warn today’s parents to keep a check on their children’s digital activities as kids can unknowingly land themselves in trouble if they access any website which may not be safe for them. He advised mothers to be an ARMOUR for their children. The acronym for the same is as follows :

A – Awareness

R – Risks & Dangers

M – Monitor

O – Observe warning signs

U – Unconditional support/love

R – Remedial measures

Mr.Sanjay concluded the session and was kind enough to share his email id for any further queries.

There was a question-answer session with panelists – Mr.Lince Lawrence and Ashwathi Pillai on Cyber Security Career options.

This was followed by Dr.Chandra Vadhana’s introduction about Prayaana and scholarship announcement for the deserving candidates.

The session proved to be truly very informative and useful specially for women folks in this digital era.

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