How To Mix-Match Jewellery

Are you looking for the best way to mix-match jewellery for different occasions and situations to match your sense of style and make you feel armed? 

We are here to provide you with important tips so that you can creatively combine and match your jewellery like a professional. 

Starting point 

First, choose a piece of jewellery that you want to wear on a specific occasion or with a specific outfit. Use it as a starting point for accessorising. 

You have two choices: a piece of more exquisite jewellery that can be matched with other jewellery you mix and match, or a piece of more attractive jewellery that you want to stand out when you are finished. 

Layer your Jewellery

When it comes to layering, it is usually recommended to choose one body part and focus on that only. Necklaces, bracelets and rings are usually perfect for layering.

If you are starting with a necklace, then layer different necklaces with it.

  Don’t Be Afraid Of All Matched

If you want to wear a suit with extra details, you don’t have to worry about wearing matching jewellery sets with the same or very similar earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. Matched Jewellery is considered old-fashioned, but fortunately, those days have passed. I think you should wear suitable jewellery when it suits you. 

Also, don’t be afraid of Mismatch or Not Matching at all 

It is worth trying them in front of the mirror. Choose contrasting colours, metals, shapes, and design aesthetics to see what suits you. 

If the accident does not suit you or the occasion does not suit your dress, please choose items with similar aesthetic but not the same. You can choose from different designs that are very similar in size and aesthetics and work perfectly. For example, 

You can choose a sunburst necklace with earrings and a simple bracelet with silver eye pendants. It will be perfectly coordinated with the sterling silver pattern. 

Mix Metals 

It used to be unpopular, but we like the metallic colours that mix silver, gold and rose gold. 

Even if you want to create a more subtle blend and mixed look, you can still wear different metals comfortably. For example, the pure gold opal rings go very well with sterling silver rings or bracelets. 

However, if you have a piece of jewellery with the same metallic colour that looks great with it, then buy it. Wearing silver or gold ornaments can go well with clothing.

Keeping it All Together

Once you’ve decided on the piece of jewellery for your starting point, and whether you’ll be focussing on layering one part of the body or not and consider how you want to pair it, it’s time to start.

Stand in front of the mirror and try various combinations of jewellery so that you can redefine things that will work for you.

Written By-

Miss Tanisha
Masters in Political




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    1. For women who don’t have a sense of beauty in the mix-matching, it is a great article .

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