Which one should you choose: gold or silver jewellery?


How do you choose to wear gold or silver jewellery to suit your skin tone and style? Have you ever wondered what colour metal to use based on your skin or eye colour (or give it to someone else as a gift)? Have you heard of the “rules” to follow when choosing jewellery colours, but are not sure how to wear them? What do you think of different colours of metals being combined?

Gold and silver jewellery have always been a topic of debate for a long time, and there is a lot of confusion as to which metal to choose. So we’ll use the following quick tips to help you determine which metal colour is right for you or the gift recipient.

Gold or silver jewellery?

• The metal colour you traditionally use depends on the colour of your skin: warm colours represent gold metals and cool colours represent silver metals.

• These days it is not so important, you can break these “rules of style” at will, but you may want to use them as a guide to getting started.

• People with blue veins on their wrists and people prone to burns and are usually considered to have a cold complexion. People with green blood vessels, olive or darker skin, or well-tanned people are considered to have warm tones.

• One thing to remember is that pure gold jewellery is much more expensive than pure silver because gold is more valuable and is a precious metal. However, there are also cheaper gold options, such as filled gold or gold vermeil.

• Rose gold or bronze tends to look good on most people out there and can add some beautiful and unexpected colours to your collection of jewellery.

• If you choose jewellery as a gift and are not sure what colour to choose, it is best to pay attention to the colour that the gift recipient usually uses.

Mixed metals

Another old rule is that gold and silver should not be used together. This is not the case anymore – you can mix your metals with passion!
We recommend that you take the time to experiment and find ways to look your best when mixed with metals.
As a starting point, choose a dominant colour and add highlights with another colour. You can try combining stackable rings and cocktail rings of different colours, stacking necklaces and bracelets to see how they look.
In the end, the metal colour you choose to use is entirely up to your personal preferences, your aesthetics, and your budget. We all want people to be themselves, not like everyone else, so our first tip is: do things that make you feel good!

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