girl day

On International Girl Child Day

Let me share what I love about being the mother of a girl child, and what I don’t!

I love the fact that:

  • I always have a best friend to share my crazy thoughts and ideas
  • I have a 24-hours-on-duty supporter & motivator & sarcastic advisor
  • I have created a “Mini Me”
  • minus the flaws, mistakes, restrictions, fears, inhibitions
  • plus the freedom to make her own choices, boldness, independence, maturity
  • I can hand her down my favorite dresses/jewelry/shoes and relive my younger days (despite my obsessive possessiveness)
  • I can be the cool mom that her friends are jealous of!    

I hate:

  • having to always look out for her safety anywhere in this country at any time of the day or night
  • the mistrust in my eyes when I look at every guy/man around her 
  • having to restrict her from wearing her favorite short/sleeveless/tight dresses ‘coz I am afraid of “inviting unwanted attention”
  • the paranoia that grips me when I don’t get the missed call she was supposed to give me when she ‘reaches there safely’
  • the horrific images of kidnap/rape/acid attack/maiming that flashes through my head when she doesn’t pick up my call or her phone is switched off/unreachable 
  • the societal pressure to marry her off ASAP/save for her dowry/take engineering or medicine for a good-paying job
  • the cliche Malayalam idiom that roughly translates to (read in a nosy Aunty voice) “leaf fall on the thorn, thorn fall on a leaf, damage for leaf only, no?”

There is more, but right now, I have to go and give her a lecture about that harmless selfie she just posted on Instagram (Sigh!! because obviously, no one lectures the creeps) 

Will be right back!

Deepa Perumal
IT Operations Head, PEAKS Academy

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