Prayaana EY Training Session: Creative Series


Prayaana in collaboration with EY, started its technical skills session to empower the women fellows and mentees with the essential skills of contemporary times in order to create employability and up skill in accordance with trends and needs of the time.

As part of the C2C Mission 2021, this collaboration with EY provides mentorship on different Technologies, named under the banner of ‘Bringing to Career’ initiative in EY Ripples, a global CSR activity. 

The speakers for the sessions were Ms. Silvia C K and Ms. Migi George. The sessions covered a brief introduction on how to make a comeback to Career and the essentials of Creative Services. Overall, the session was thoroughly engrossing and an insight into design thinking and different styles of content writing was given. While the first session covered topics like Resume creation, Network building, LinkedIn profiling, the second session focused on prerequisites of designing and the method of product designing, how content and design go hand-in-hand, and much more.

The insightful sessions were highly stimulating cognitively and each participant took away inspirational ideas from it.

The series continues on a regular basis every Saturday with step by step information on developing a lucrative career.



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