Martyred Officer Was Given Tribute: By His Wife Who Joined The Army

Martyred officer

Society has taught her to be subjected to male dominance. The mindset has changed with her leading the male’s contingent in Fauj (Army) after few years.

I decided to write up this article when I saw how the martyred army’s wife faced so many challenges after her husband’s death and how society makes convictions about her character and her lifestyle. They even blamed her for the whole incident.

The society always made theories that a woman survival depends on her husband. She is unassisted if her husband dies. But these assumptions were smashed by one of the martyred army’s wife MRS. NIKITA KAUL DHOUNDIYAL.

She joined the INDIAN ARMY services to pay tribute to her martyred husband and his sacrifice for the Nation.

Nikita Kaul belonged to a Kashmiri Hindu family. She met her husband Major Vibhuti Shankar Dhoundiyal and fell in love with him. They got married in 2018.

10 months into their marriage, Major Vibhuti sacrificed his life in the terrible terrorist attack in Pulwama in February 2019.

But instead of losing her mind by this heartbreaking news, she gave him a tribute at his funeral with tears in her eyes saying that; “Thank you for loving the Country more than me.”

But she gathered herself and decided to join the Indian Army. In the year 2020, she cleared the SSC exam and SSB interview. After that, she completed her training from OTA Chennai same as her husband.

On 29 May 2021, she made every Indian proud of her when she joined the Indian Army and became Lieutenant Nikita Kaul Dhondiyal.

The way she smashed the patriarchal society is praiseworthy!

She set an example for every widow who felt helpless after their husband’s demise. Most of them think that their world is over now but every widow should develop courage.

You can give a fitting reply to those so-called people who have raised questions about your character. You are not only a housewife, you have the power to change the world but you only need to identify it.

You can show your love and feel the presence of your partner even after his death and he can be kept alive in your deeds and thoughts.

You are the power, you are the devotion;

You are the edge of the sabre.

People think that you are silent-

But what do they know that;

You are the pillar of this Earth.

People understand your existence.

Oh, you are only dust for them,

But why you are sad like this.

You have to show the existence in the dust too;

Telling them that that the dust can destruct their eyes too.

Showing them that your tears have flame too.

You are the power, you are the devotion.

Written By –

Srishti Uniyal
Location-Tehri Garhwal

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