Visually Impaired Girls took the ramp in a fashion show at Rajkot organized by the IFJD 


The eight visually impaired girls took to the ramp at the Lakme fashion show at Rajkot organized by the Institute of Fashion and Jewellery Design (IFJD).

The differently abled girls paraded the ramp in different elegance. They won cheerings from the audience. The fashion show is all about what attracts and appeals to the eyes. This is the platform that broke down the stereotype by launching these eight visually impaired models to walk on the ramp and leaving the audience astonished. 

To the halfway of the ramp, girls went along with the boys after which the girls walked solo into the limelight to hearty cheering and clapping from the audience. They were dressed in somber-colored gowns with lacey headgear and light makeup to complete their vintage western look.

These girls belong to the VD Parekh Andh Mahila Vikas Graha and stated that they practiced for weeks before appearing on the show. In a conversation with ANI, one of the visually-impaired models, Jahnavi said, “We were practicing for nearly two weeks before the show’. “When we heard the cheering from the audience, we realized that we had done a good job and felt thrilled,” another visually-impaired model Isha said. The director of the IFJD Bosky Nathwani the organizer of the show was extremely positive about the show going off and the performance of the girls on the ramp.

“The show was graced by a number of dignitaries, who didn’t hold back in appreciating the modeling stint of the girls”, said the director of the IFJD Bosky Nathwani.

Shyma Mansur 

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