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Ms Chithra Prabha Achuthan shared the story of Mervin, a girl from Chennai whose life journey is inspiring and endearing. 

Ms Chithra Prabha Achuthan shared the story of this interesting and endearing person on Facebook. She wrote:

“As a part of a voluntary teaching program, I came across Mervin, a Chennai girl. She is 18 years old, the elder of two daughters of a single mother who works as domestic help. Mervin is a First year B. Com student and has been selected as a beneficiary of an NGO, with a scholarship to pursue her studies. Also, she has been inducted into an English speaking Programme by the NGO for which I am a volunteer. 

Mervin has a very hectic schedule every day which really surprised me. Her day starts at 6.30 am, and she is responsible for the household chores as her mother has to leave home early for her work. Mervin too leaves home by 8 am because she has a part-time job in a hospital at its front office from 9 am to 1 pm.   After that, she has to rush to her evening college by bus as the classes would commence at 1.30 pm. After a continuous session of 5 hours in the college, she would reach back home at 8.30 pm. 

Mervin’s sessions with me over the phone start at 9 pm and last for about 30 to 40 minutes. I was a little apprehensive of how she would be attentive in my class after her busy and tiring schedule for the whole day, but what amazed me was her dedication and enthusiasm to learn, that too at an odd hour of the day. 

Like any other teenager, she too has dreams of her own, which she disclosed to me very shyly,  as she dreams of becoming an IAS officer. But she is aware of her limitations and priorities and has a practical approach to life and wants to pick up a job as an accountant in Govt service or somewhere after her graduation so that she could be a great support to her mother. 

Looking around at our children, who are well cared for and looked after in loving homes, I felt Mervin stands apart with her self motivation and determination to achieve her goal at this young age. I am really inspired by her positive attitude and zest for life.  From her, I too am learning the 3s that lead to success. Sweat….. Sacrifice….. Success!

Sincerely I pray and hope that Mervin fulfills all her dreams !!”

-Chithra Prabha Achuthan

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