Today’s world is digitally well-advanced. Every career involves using the technology of some kind. Education has become almost 100% digital, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the existing jobs will soon be replaced by AI and automation. So in my opinion, digital literacy is at the top of the list of skills that today’s youth should possess. Youngsters should be up to date on the latest technology and try to increase their knowledge about industry trends and technological innovations.

The youngsters of today are very much digitally literate – my 4-year-old nephew goes to the Google Play store and downloads his favorite games!

But is digital literacy enough? When an entire world of knowledge is available at their fingertips, are youngsters using it effectively?

A key skill that youth need to possess or develop is the 3As Access, Assess, and Analyze Information.

Access – You should know where to look! Google is the go-to information provider for all of us, but it usually throws up tonnes of data. You need to be aware of better information sources like e-learning academies, online libraries, user communities, and forums.

Assess – From the plethora of info, how do you filter out what is relevant? How do you find the info that is up to date and most importantly, authentic? Again, be aware of verified portals/websites that provide the right data for you.

Analyze – Once you have what you want, you should know where and how to put that information to use! Evaluate how to utilize the info for your personal growth or problem-solving.

Understanding your data is key to using it effectively. The youth of today, Upskill yourself and stay ahead in the digital race!

Deepa Perumal

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