Iranian female referee to judge men’s derby in Tehran

Female Referee
Image Credit : Ifpnews

In an unprecedented move in the sporting landscape of Iran, a female referee is set to officiate a derby in Tehran from the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) room. This historic development marks a significant departure from the traditional norms in Iran, where women typically aren’t permitted to officiate men’s competitions.

Mahnaz Zokaee, an Iranian FIFA-listed match official known for her role as a referee in the Kowsar Women’s Football League and AFC women’s competitions, expressed her joy at witnessing this groundbreaking moment. Zokaee emphasized the importance of breaking this long-standing taboo in Iranian sports.

Zokaee revealed that she and Ms. Qorbani are highly likely to be stationed in the VAR room to officiate the upcoming derby. This opportunity signifies a major step forward for women’s inclusion in sports officiating roles traditionally dominated by men.

Reflecting on their journey, Zokaee shared that while they received the license to work in 2021, the focus remained predominantly on male referees. However, she expressed her excitement for the unfolding event, emphasizing the significance of this moment for women’s participation and recognition in sports officiating.

The inclusion of female referee in the VAR room represents a significant milestone in the quest for gender equality and representation in Iranian sports. It challenges deeply entrenched norms and provides a platform for talented female officials to showcase their skills and contribute to the sport at a professional level.

Zokaee’s enthusiasm underscores the importance of breaking barriers and creating opportunities for women in sports officiating. As more women are given the chance to officiate in men’s competitions, it paves the way for greater diversity, inclusivity, and progress in the sporting world.

This historic event serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to promote gender equality and dismantle barriers to women’s participation in sports. It signals a positive shift towards a more inclusive and equitable sports environment in Iran and beyond.

Repurposed article originally published in the Iran front Page

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