50 Year Old YouTube Chef From Village Now Earns Rs 70000/Month

Shashikala Chaurasia

Despite coming from a small village in Uttar Pradesh, Shashikala Chaurasia became a YouTube star with her amazing cooking skills

It all started with the boom of the internet in the Rakhwa village. Rakhwa village in Uttar Pradesh is one of the most backward regions in the country due to its high poverty levels, low agricultural productivity and poor infrastructure. But in 2016, a mobile brand’s internet dongles were introduced and started trending in the village. So many people were exploring various opportunities on the internet. And that is when Shasikala Chaurasya’s sons thought of making cooking videos with their mother.

Sasikala’s sons – Chandan, Suraj and Pankaj, knew the possibility of earning money through YouTube. But when they approached their mother with the idea, she was sceptical. 50-year-old Sasikala had grown up in the village and had gone to school only till class 5. The idea of earning money through some food videos seemed impossible for her. But she abided by her son’s wishes. Chandan then created a page on YouTube called ‘Amma Ki Thali’. And they started uploading videos on the internet starting in November 2017. At first, they did not get many views. Nevertheless, the siblings continued to make videos.

Then in May 2018, the family members collectively decided to upload a mango pickle recipe video. Summer was at its peak and it was mango season. To their astonishment that video got thousands of views in a few hours. Sasikala had used her mother’s recipe of mango pickle which used jaggery in the pickle, and maybe that was what gained them the views. From then on, the channel started getting recognition.

Today the channel ‘Amma Ki Thali’ stands at 1.7 million subscribers and 262 million video views. Through this Sasikala makes Rs 70,000 per month. Their subscribers are from all around the world, including Pakistan, Fiji, USA, Dubai and other countries. Sasikala is happy when people recognise her from her videos and ask for clicking photos with her. She feels extremely proud of herself to have earned this fame and built herself a career at this age.

Credits: The Better India.

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  1. It is Delighting and inspirational article. Hard work leads us to the top of the mountain.

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