August 2023’s Must-Read Books: Poetry, Romance, and More

Books of August 2023
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As the new month unfolds, these books offer a chance to escape into different worlds, explore deep emotions, and enjoy the joy of stories. This month’s books have something for everyone, just like the many colors of a sunset, making reading a delightful experience.

1. Family Lore

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Award-winning writer Elizabeth Acevedo continues to explore intricate family dynamics in her debut adult novel, “Family Lore.” Following the Marte family through generations, the story revolves around four sisters and their daughters, tackling both ordinary and supernatural experiences. Central to the narrative is Flor, who possesses an unsettling gift – foreseeing deaths. When Flor requests an unusual “living wake,” family tensions arise as hidden truths emerge, irrevocably transforming the Marte family. Acevedo masterfully crafts a relatable tale of love, secrecy, and unbreakable familial bonds, showcasing her evolved storytelling prowess.

2. Plantains and Our Becoming

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Melania Luisa Marte’s debut poetry book, “Plantains and Our Becoming,” captivates with its exploration of personal and collective identity within the Black diaspora. Organized into three sections, the book thoughtfully delves into the cultures of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, while the backdrop of US societal norms looms. Addressing nationalism, immigration, intricate histories, self-discovery, and beyond, Marte navigates these themes skillfully.

3. Accidentally in Love

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From the author of the much-loved “The Accidental Pinup” (2022), comes another summer treat – a romance brimming with charming clichés. In “Accidentally in Love,” readers are introduced to Samantha, a dedicated and organized young woman immersed in her work, with a tough exterior. When she crosses paths with Russ, her coworker, and her friend’s brother, she’s uninterested. Despite initial clashes, the pair’s dynamic grows, revealing their undeniable connection. Jackson’s writing, as always, expertly balances captivating escapism with sizzling passion. Familiar faces make appearances, enhancing the delightful experience.

4. I’m Not Done With You Yet

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In her latest novel, Jesse Q. Sutanto shifts gears from her previous works to deliver “I’m Not Done With You Yet.” The story follows Jane and Thalia, once-close friends from Oxford, whose competitive student days bound them together. A fateful night in England changes everything, setting them on separate paths. Years later, as Thalia’s success soars, Jane’s life remains unfulfilled. With Thalia’s book tour on the horizon, Jane seizes a chance to reconnect. “I’m Not Done With You Yet” is a captivating blend of suspense and introspection, exploring themes of friendship, privilege, and achievement.

5. Congratulations, the Best Is Over

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For those who appreciate quick, sharp wit and amusing book titles, “Congratulations, the Best Is Over!” is a must-read. R. Eric Thomas, a television writer, gifts readers with an essay collection that humorously navigates the unexpected return to his hometown after decades of adamant denial. Set in Baltimore, Thomas recounts hilarious encounters with former high school acquaintances and the reality of preserving well-being, both physically and emotionally. His insightful prose touches on politics and culture, crafting a perceptive analysis. The book embraces life’s unpredictable twists with humor and self-awareness.

These books offer a chance to dive into stories that bring joy, reflection, and a touch of magic to your days.

Re-reported from the article originally written by Katie Tamola and published in Shondaland

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