Katrina Kaif’s Top Three Favorite Foods

Image Courtesy : Instagram/Katrinakaif

At the end of a tiring day, there’s nothing quite like a simple home-cooked meal, and our diverse Indian cuisines provide a plethora of comforting options. Celebrities, too, share this sentiment, as revealed by none other than Katrina Kaif during an Ask Me Anything session on her Instagram stories.

When a fan inquired about her favorite food, Katrina graciously shared a snapshot featuring three bowls arranged on her dining table. In this revelation, the Bollywood actress showcased her love for straightforward yet delightful home-cooked dishes.

The trio of bowls included two with simple sabzi preparations and the third containing a luscious and creamy soup. Curious about the specific dishes, Katrina identified them, stating, “Turai [ridged gourd] ki subzi, phool gobhi [cauliflower] ki subzi, and broccoli soup.”

This revelation provides a glimpse into Katrina Kaif’s culinary preferences, emphasizing her appreciation for uncomplicated and wholesome meals. Notably, this isn’t the first time the actress has shared her love for food. In previous instances, she has given her followers a glimpse into her delightful foodie adventures.

One noteworthy episode was her romantic breakfast date with husband and actor Vicky Kaushal. Through a series of Instagram pictures, Katrina shared moments of their breakfast together. The images captured the couple’s radiant smiles, creating a heartwarming scene. The set-up included an enticing coffee mug next to a aromatic jug, revealing the couple’s appreciation for not only each other but also the simple joys of a shared meal.

Katrina Kaif’s openness about her culinary preferences and foodie adventures resonates with many, making her relatable beyond the silver screen. These instances not only showcase her love for food but also reflect the joy she finds in ordinary yet delightful gastronomic experiences.

Repurposed article originally published in NDTV Food

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